Nowadays, a lot of financial transactions use mechanisms that offer minimal protection to the customer. Credit and debit cards used for online purchases often expose card numbers and personal information to unknown merchants, which can put the cardholder at risk.

With LAMDA Card Services, your confidential and financial information is not given to the merchant. This not only keeps your information safe, but also protects your privacy when carrying out transactions online.

How LAMDA Card Services Keeps You Safe

Protecting our clients is our main priority that has encouraged us to strongly invest in the following areas:

Maintaining Your Privacy

LAMDA Card Services allows users to maintain the privacy that is important to them when completing financial transactions. We are certified by Trustwave, one of the most renown independently managed security service practices on the Internet.

Financial information and confidential data is not shared with merchants, giving you the security to spend freely. In addition, statements from credit and debit cards used to fund your LAMDA Card Services account will only show "LAMDA Card Services" as the transaction account name.

Your personal information is only used to manage your account. Under no circumstances will LAMDA Card Services give out or sell your data to any individual, company, or organization.

Account Protection

Your account login, confidential data and all financial dealings are protected by a 256-bit encryption that makes them inaccessible in the unlikely event that somebody is able to check the traffic between you and our servers. With us, your information is highly protected by state-of-the-art firewalls within our secured network.

LAMDA Virtual MasterCards® are generated using cryptographic devices that offer military-level security. Currently, no other prepaid card is built in a similar manner.

Each LAMDA Card Services account is assigned a unique username and password, selected by the client, which is not even visible to LAMDA Card Services employees. For this reason, lost or forgotten passwords must be reissued in order to regain access to your account.

Averting Fraud and Phishing Scams

Our investment in a powerful fraud monitoring system brings unparalleled security to payment processing. We take safety very seriously by regularly monitoring LAMDA Card Services accounts for signs of doubtful activity and taking instant action when needed to protect our clients.

To protect against phishing scams, any e-mails we send you will be personalised with your first name and username. In addition, we will never ask you to provide confidential information, such as your name, password, credit/debit card number, identification number or bank account number by e-mail.

Keep LAMDA Card Services safe by reporting suspicious emails or websites to our Customer Support team at for immediate investigation.


We have invested heavily in technology and expertise to make sure that LAMDA Card Services transactions are secure and the deposits of funds remain safe. Our powerful systems and stellar technical staff offer unmatched effectiveness, security and protection.

Below are some of the leading technologies that protect LAMDA Card Services clients

  • Verify Security
    This website is secured with Trustwave, Trusted Commerce Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.
  • Firewall and Virus Detection
    LAMDA Card Services is protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and a virus detection system to safeguard data from illegal access and tampering. These systems are under constant examination and are kept up-to-date with software patches to lock possible loopholes in security.