Gift Cards

LAMDA Virtual Mastercard® Prefunded Gift Card

Would you like to send a virtual gift to your friends, family or to your beloved? Virtual Prefunded Mastercard® is accepted by all online merchants within the Mastercard® network.

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LAMDA Mastercard® Prefunded Gift Card

LAMDA Mastercard® Prefunded Gift Cards are great for holidays, birthdays, graduations and anything in between. Simple, convenient and always well-received.

For more information, contact us on +35725249988

Benefits and Features


Carry money with style


Available in EUR and USD currencies.

Loyalty Scheme

Use your LAMDA Card at our participating outlets for great discounts and offers.

Physical/Virtual card

Available in physical and virtual form


Can be ordered at any amount up to €250 / $350.


Pay without giving your financial details – maintain your privacy.


State-of-the-art technology platform to safeguard you and your finances.


LAMDA Card Services is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, which is the highest level of protection in the card industry.

Use anyywhere

Accepted at all POS and online retailers worldwide that accept Mastercard® – shops, restaurants, hotels and many more.